Some of the projects that I have released.  Some are sill in active development, slow though it maybe, but if they are listed here then they have been released with with at least the basic intended functionality.

tld-cookies [github]

This is a Ruby gem that helps with Rails 3 cookies when you are dealing with a site that uses subdomains.

data-attributes [github]

A Ruby gem that allows you to create attributes on ActiveRecord objects that are stored in a single serialized text column instead of a separate columns for each attribute.

encrypted-cookies [github]

A Ruby gem for Rails 3.* that encrypts and signs the cookie value before storing it on the browser.  It works and chains nicely with the Rails 3 cookie conventions… Yeah, I said cookie conventions.  It uses the built in ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor for all the encryption.

encrypted-cookies-store [github]

A Ruby gem that uses encrypted cookies for a session store.

select-column [github]

A Ruby gem that adds a method for ActiveRecord to bypass object creation when you only want a single column from the database table.  Very useful for getting arrays of primary ids or foreign keys.  Currently a little bit of a hack and is implemented as a monkey patch, but it work just fine.


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