In Progress

Projects that I am currently working on… or at least trying to work  on.  You might see some cross list here and completed.  If they are listed in both places then the basic functionality I intended was finished, but I have some more things I want to add.

sparse-matrix [github]

A pure ruby implementation of a sparse vector and a sparse matrix class. There are two goals for this gem.  The first is that is a basic sparse matrix library that has no requirements on complied libraries.  Though complied code will have a huge performance advantage over this library, this library will will be quick and easy to use anywhere that can run ruby code. The second goal will be that SparseMatrix and SparseVector can be a drop in replacements for the standard library Matrix and Vector classes.  You won’t have to change any code you currently use.  Version 1.0 will be the full compatibility with current standard library, but there will be 0.* releases that have some of the initial pieces of the matrix class implemented like matrix multiplication.

select-column [github]

A Ruby gem that adds a method for ActiveRecord to bypass object creation when you only want a single column from the database table.  Very useful for getting arrays of primary ids or foreign keys.

The functionality I wanted is implemented, but I need to find a better way to do it.  I don’t like the way it is currently implemented.


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