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October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Never really thought about seriously blogging until recently. I have set up a few blogs in the past, usually for a big trip or something similar. I found that it was an easy way to share what was going with and what I was experiencing. It also allowed me to give a certain personality to the way I presented the trip to the people who were keeping up with what I was doing.

The expectations of what you were going to be reading were also very much inline with what I was hoping to write. On the spectrum of Twitter to Ph.D. thesis, blogging (to me) lands solidly between facebook and short stories. A paragraph or two. Not too long, not too short. These expectations also allow you throw a few curve balls in there. A nice 700 word essay “On The Migratory Habits Of The Common Fir Tree” will get people’s attention, as will a tweet-like post i.e., “On…”, “Nothing at all.”

Not that anything above is particularly insightful or helpful to the masses out there, but I needed to get a second post up, so this is what you get.

Roll On.


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