On Postal Abbreviations

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

While working on a Rails form that needed a drop down select box for state postal abbreviations I put together a few Ruby hashes to look things up.  Below are a few snippets from the different hashes so you can see if they work for what you need.  You can check out the full things here.

  'AL' => 'Alabama',
  'AK' => 'Alaska',
  'AS' => 'America Samoa',
  'AZ' => 'Arizona',
  'AR' => 'Arkansas',
  'Alabama'       => 'AL',
  'Alaska'        => 'AK',
  'America Samoa' => 'AS',
  'Arizona'       => 'AZ',
  'Arkansas'      => 'AR',
  'alabama'       => 'AL',
  'alaska'        => 'AK',
  'america samoa' => 'AS',
  'arizona'       => 'AZ',
  'arkansas'      => 'AR',

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