On 3.2

January 30, 2012 § 2 Comments

Last Rails 3.2 post. I swear.

I mentioned ActiveRecord::Relation#pluck in a previous post because it was one I was particularly excited about. After reading through the rest of the release notes I wanted to highlight a few of the other smaller changes I thought were interesting.



Client.select('DISTINCT name')

is now written


You can also revert the uniqueness with


Don’t user LOWER for case insensitive searches on MySQL

When querying against our databases there are a bunch of times we don’t care about case. In the case of searching against an email address, a case insensitive search does exactly what we want it to. When you add the :case_sensitive => true to a validates_uniqueness_of it use to wrap that part of the query in a LOWER(). This sucked because it prevents MySQL from using an index. When you put this restriction on your email column and have to do this query every time you save a record. Since MySQL does case insensitive searches, ActiveRecord doesn’t worry about adding the LOWER() around the columns. Time saved all around!

rake db:drop drops both dev and test

rake db:create creates both the development and test databases. rake db:drop now drops the both development and test databases instead of just the development database.


namespace form_for

When you have multiple forms on one page for the same type of objects, you can get conflicting ids form elements. Problem solved with form namespaces.

<%= form_for(@offer, :namespace => 'namespace') do |f| %>
  <%= f.label :version, 'Version' %>:
  <%= f.text_field :version %>
<% end %>

The ids of the form elements have the namespace prepended with and underscore to the front of the original id.


Time Ranges

One of the things that I love most about Rails is ActiveSupport. And one of the things I love most about ActiveSupport is how it makes dealing with Time awesome and easy. They have added a few new convenience functions to help with date ranges:

  • Time#all_day
  • Time#all_week
  • Time#all_month
  • Time#all_quarter
  • Time#all_year

You can use these with ActiveRecord queries like so:

Event.where(:created_at => Time.now.all_week)
Event.where(:created_at => Time.now.all_day)

Obviously there are a lot of other additions in 3.2, these are just the few that I know that I am going to have a use for. Enjoy.


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