On Gist Discovery

February 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

GitHub is awesome. No doubt about it. It has made code fun and exciting again. I know that I wouldn’t be involved in the open source community without it. I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog without it. I mainly started this blog as a way to get out some more info out about some of my gems that I had written. Being able to link to repos and have a repo’s landing page be a good landing page has been huge. As I have be working on this blog I find myself more fascinated by snippets of code than with whole repositories.

Which is why I love gists.

Gists are great ways to share pieces of code that don’t need their own full GitHub repo. The only problem is that there is no good way to find all of that awesome code. There really needs to be a way to browse through gists. Sort them by language type or allow people to tag them. GitHub could even intelligently autotag a bunch of stuff. Right now gists are only really useful if you link to them from an outside location or embed them on in your blog.

There is a lot of great and useful code out there. We just need to be able to find it easier.


§ 2 Responses to On Gist Discovery

  • dgleich says:

    Good point. Is there an API to get get the title of a gist and it’s contents? If so, a gist search engine should be a weekend-scale project.

    1) build crawler
    2) use syntax highlighers to extract all contents
    3) put info into sphinx/mysql
    4) happily search on your way.

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